Being a remote student is tough!

While there are many benefits to attending university online, there are definitely some drawbacks. Here is a list of the things I struggle with in studying remotely:


Sometimes it’s just hard not being around other people. Even though I’m studying for my bachelor’s online, I completed my Associate’s degree on campus. I can’t help but feel dejected every now and then because of my general lack of human contact. Most of my friends live in other states now. Fortunately, I live with my family, so I’m not completely alone. However, I still miss the interaction with other students, even though I’m not the biggest social butterfly.


This may not be one most people would expect, but having free rein over all of your time can be overwhelming. Let me explain. When I was an on-campus student, I had more structure. Classes were at a certain time, exams were on specific dates, and there was always a bevy of activities that I could participate in. Now, everything’s up to me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great not having to get up super early to make an 8 am lecture. Unfortunately, in my case, it feels as if courses and assignments seep into every area of my home life, whereas before, even though I had homework, I generally left the stress of academia when I drove off of the college campus.


For better or for worse, there is often no one to compare yourself to while being a remote learner. I often wonder to myself, ‘Am I going too fast or too slow? Is this material exceptionally hard? Am I the only one who’s not getting this?’ It also can feel more intimidating to reach out to professors online than in person.


While there are certain aspects concerning studying remotely that I don’t particularly like, I don’t regret the decision to pursue my bachelor’s degree online. For me, the flexibility and affordability far outweigh the negatives. So, I’m going to keep on striving in my online higher education journey.

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